Continuing the mythological theme of my recent pieces, this design was inspired by Leanan Sídhe (pronounced LAH-NAN SHEE), a vampiric muse from Irish Folklore. She would captivate young artists with her beauty and inspiration, but these gifts came with a terrible price. In some versions of the tale, every creative spark, every flash of inspiration, would drain the artist of vitality, nourishing the Leanan Sídhe until her victim expired. In other variations, the Leanan Sídhe’s eventual disappearance would drive the artist to end their life, after which she would use their blood to charge her cauldron – the source of her power and beauty.
Infatuation and inspiration can feel very similar; they quicken the pulse through the intricate networks of our circulatory system, paths resembling the interconnected knotwork of Celtic art. Furthermore, blood and creativity are united through the language of movement, with a state of ‘flow’ being fundamental to their functions.
The design unites all these themes, creating an intricate knotwork crown from the vasculature of the head. The patterns were designed in 2D, shaped in modelling software and 3D printed. The hand-dyed outfit continues the design language of the headpiece, using additional 3D printed elements and wired ribbon to achieve a sense of movement. The claws (printed from a design by secretpigeon) complete the look with a menacing edge.

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